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Acura® dilute 810, pipette for 1:10 dilutions
The instrument allows the sequential pipetting of 1 and 0.1 ml of the same liquid. The metal nozzle accommodates long straw tips for vacuuming from deep or narrow reservoirs (such as Stomacher® bags). Ideal alternative to graduated glass pipettes when performing 1:10 serial dilutions in bacteriology. 3 year guarantee.

DosysTM classic 163/173, syringes
The line of syringes dedicated to the laboratory offers precision instruments specially developed for the safe and reliable distribution of liquids. Perfect for filling Petri dishes with agar. 1 year warranty.

ProfillerTM electro 447, electronic pipettor
The instrument can accommodate plastic or glass pipettes. Ideal for working under laminar flow or microbiological safety hood. A powerful motor and adjustable aspiration and dispensing speeds allow for maximum operational efficiency. 1 year warranty.

AcurexTM compact 501, compact dispensers
Dosers for safe handling of reagents, suitable for both refrigeration and bain-marie heating. Dosing mechanism entirely protected inside the tank. 2 year guarantee.

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