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The company was founded in 1960, when Mr. Bruno ENRICO, thanks to the experience previously acquired in the sector, decided to start his own business in Turin for the sale of products for analysis laboratories and sanitary items.

Soon this activity was accompanied by the production of laboratory equipment (stirrers, baths, water distillers, incubators, thermostatic stoves, etc.), based on their own design and planning, as well as the start of a small blower room for the production of particular in glass.

Given the artisanal scale of its production, the company is also able to produce tools on specification, measures, special requests of the customer.

To complete its offer, the company also carries out repair services for numerous basic laboratory equipment.

Starting from the late 70s - early 80s in the analysis laboratory sector, as in the healthcare sector, the era of disposable plastic products begins, which gradually replace many of the previously present glass products.

The company follows this transformation by starting to equip its stock warehouse with this new line of products, while, in the sector of its production, it expands its commercial penetration by reaching numerous specialized dealers in the main Italian regions.

Starting from the second half of the 90s, the company, managed by the founder's sons, moved to the new headquarters where it still operates, structuring itself with new machinery for its own production and with modern storage equipment on pallet racks.

Today the company maintains and develops its two main business sectors:

- The production sector sees the development of its products in a complete cycle, from design to finished product. The experience and skills thus acquired find natural completion in the selection, marketing and organization of the technical assistance service for a wide range of laboratory equipment and equipment.

- The consumables sector covers most of the products normally used in a biological chemical analysis laboratory and sees all the main products used by its customers managed in the warehouse, with the activation of appropriate stocks for the timely fulfillment of current requests.

We believe that listening and understanding the requests of our customers and their specific technical problems are the key to providing professional solutions that meet expectations.

The direct contact with its customers, the correct and punctual satisfaction of the requests obtained and the attention to the pursuit of a positive and satisfactory long-term collaboration relationship represent the cornerstones of the Company's operations even in today's times of economic globalization.

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